Anza Uganda is a charity organization founded with the aim of supporting, empowering and transforming less privileged youths and women through capacity building, advocacy and lively hood initiatives in communities.


Transformation and empowerment of youths, women and other disadvantaged groups in communities around Uganda, from unemployment to skilled employed individuals who create small scale enterprises and improve on their living conditions.


To support and empower youths, women and other disadvantaged groups in communities around Uganda.


  1. To help communities acquire gainful skills in different trades such as: Leather works, Carpentry, Electrical installation, hair dressing, Welding, Catering, Bee keeping, tailoring, afforestation and agriculture.
  2. To establish community training facility centers for community empowerment.
  3. To promote and support environmental protection agenda.
  4. To support youth and women in Business startup. Support will include coaching, optimizing business plans, and facilitating access to savings groups. Beneficiaries will be able to save and acquire credit using the Village Savings and loan Association Methodology to engage in business.

Strategic intervention /core components /programs  

  1. Capacity building
  2. Advocacy
  • Human Rights
  1. Lively hood

Areas of operation 


  • Wakiso
  • Palisa