Interpretation Services

Our company provides interpretation services in any occasion. We have a team of professional interpreters for several languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Swahili, among others. Besides, we cater for several interpretation types such as simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whisper interpretation and Sign language interpretation. You may also hire a personal interpreter for informal settings for individuals or small

Interpretation Services – Accuracy Desired

We provide professional Interpretation Services for any occasion or event. In any interpretation session, there is no chance for a second take or corrections. You either know the job or you dont! Whether you need interpreting services for a large conference or a one-on-one meeting or for any occasion, you require the highest level of professional interpreters to ensure that your communication is clear and perfectly understood.  Anza Uganda has the resources and manpower to provide interpreters who are experienced and highly skilled in any interpretation occasion. Our interpreters are industry professionals with a background in specific areas depending on the client project requirements, and are fluent in both the source and target languages. We cater for several interpretation types including the following;

  • Simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpretation is used for large conferences and gatherings during which the interpreter is speaking at the same time as the person delivering an address or making a presentation. For this setting, we provide interpreters who are experienced in conference interpretation and also offer convenient equipment rental options for Simultaneous interpretation sessions.
  • Consecutive interpretation. This is used for small meetings, discussions, depositions, court proceedings, and or medical settings: Here, the interpreter repeats what has just been said or spoken.
  • Personal interpreters. These are usually hired for informal settings for either individuals or groups.

Anza Uganda offers convenient interpretation equipment rental options and technician services for events of all sizes within Africa. We can provide full booths, table-top booths and portable transmitters, conference microphones, delegate headsets, and any other equipment that you may require and it is ISO certified. Our equipment can also be installed to complement other audio/visual services for your event.

Do you have any interpretation need today in Uganda or in Africa, please get in touch by email for a free quote at with full details of your project. Our team shall get in touch with you with an appropriate and competitive quotation.