Leather works training in Pallisa district

26 Jun 2018 Uncategorized

Anza uganda is a non profit organization established with a purpose of empowering the less privileged people in society through capacity building, advocacy and livelihood. Our target group include less privileged people in society for instance the widows, orphans,school drop outs,disabled, the old and the unemployed youth among others.

Upon the Baseline line survey that was conducted in Pallisa District on the sample sub-county of Apopong in the villages of Obwanai and Kaukura , the data analysis indicated that most people are poverty stricken. Early marriages, unemployment and early pregnancies among girl children, Rampant drop out of school going population being the major causes of poverty phenomenon.  Agriculture done in small fields just sustain the Expanded Families and little left for sale.


Basing on that background Anza Uganda is organizing a two months training on leather works effective July 2018. By the end of the training, the participants are expected to have gained skills on Shoe making, making of  key holders, belts, bags, wallets,sandals,and others. In so doing, they shall be able to support themselves financially through the sale of their products so as to live more dignified life.


It is also  expected that this training will pioneer to address the problem of unemployment and poverty through capacity building and empowerment.

Furthermore, the training is expected to leave behind an established team of  professional beneficiaries in the field of leather works and related products hence alleviating the problem of unemployment. Additionally,in the long run, it is expected to contribute to the growth in government revenue in the District  due to the taxes that may be generated from the sales of the products and ultimate increase in the standard of living.


Conclusively the said leather works training observed from above shall be conducted by highly professional technical team in both production and marketing ready to impart knowledge and skills to our target beneficiaries.

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