Anza Uganda is a Uganda based company founded with the aim of providing professional Translation Services to global clients at reasonable rates and to be the champion of capacity building initiatives in Africa. We believe that everyone has a right to access information in the language they understand most. It is for this reason that most organizations partner with us for quality services at the most reasonable rates. We support the work of international development organizations, nongovernmental organizations and companies throughout the world through making translation services affordable to them.


Enabling communication through the provision of professional translation services at a reasonable cost to make translation services affordable and championing capacity building initiatives on the African Continent.


To facilitate communication between communities and cultures through provision of professional translation services and changing lives on the African continent through Capacity Building Initiatives.


  1. To facilitate the work of international Development Organizations and Non-governmental organizations through provision of cost effective and professional translation services.
  2. To offer fast and top notch quality translation services at reasonable rates.
  3. To help communities acquire gainful skills in different trades such as leather works, hair dressing, tailoring and other capacity building initiatives.