Transcription Services in Uganda

Our organization provides Transcription Services in Uganda to global clients . We have rich experience in transcribing audio and video files and we transcribe various files recorded in conferences, interviews and Podcasts.

We handle virtually all industry fields  including; Medical, Legal, Education Marketing, Banking, Tourism, Financial, Tourism and Hospitality, among others.

Besides, we provide Transcription Services for all Ugandan languages and other languages spoken in Africa including ; Luganda Transcription Services, Swahili Congo Transcription Services, Ateso Transcription Services, Acholi Transcription Services, French Congo Transcription Services, among others.

High Quality Transcription Services in Uganda

We have an experienced team of transcribers to undertake all your transcription needs in Uganda and across Africa. Our transcription rates are relatively low since we are not profit oriented and we endeavor to work within the client budget.

Transcription Services by native Linguists in Uganda 

We believe that excellent transcription can only be carried out by a native speaker with both professional training and experience in Transcribing.  It is for this reason that we handle most of the transcription work here in Uganda and within the region.

We currently service global corporations, non-governmental organizations, Charities working here in Uganda, across Africa and outside the continent.

Some of the File Formats we handle

We deal in several file formats. Some of the file formats we use include Video, Audio Cassette, CD, DVD, MP4, MP3, AVI, among others.

In addition to the above, we provide transcription, and translation services for several media industries. Our team of transcribers has the best turnaround time for your project.

Some of the media transcriptions we handle include; Documentaries, music files, movies, media events and television programs and conference transcription services.

We therefore provide African languages Transcription and Transcription of non-African indigenous languages such as French Interpretation Services, Spanish Transcription Services, Chinese Transcription Services, Korean Transcription services, Arabic Transcription Services, and many more

All our Transcription services are carried out by experienced and professional team of transcribers resident in Africa.

For high quality Transcription services in Ugandan language and across Africa, please get in touch with us with your project details and one of our representatives shall get back to you with a detailed feedback.