Translation Services in Uganda

We provide  Translation Services  in Uganda for all Ugandan and other languages to Non governmental organizations, Charities, government bodies, Companies and Institutions at a reduced rate and we cater for all industry fields  including Medical translation, legal translation, Educational translation, Marketing translation, Tourism and hospitality, among others.

Unlike other companies, our rates are low since we are not profit oriented .

Some of the languages we translate into include; Luganda,  Runyankore, Ateso, Runyankore, Lugbara, Adhola, Lingala, Swahili, Lusoga, Ngakarimojong/ Karimojong, Lumasaba, Kupsapiiny/ Sabin, Acholi, Lango, French, Spanish, among others.

Besides, we offer translation Services for all official languages of the United Nations Organization including; Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish.

Occasionally on Client request, we provide translation services for other languages spoken in Europe and Asia. We work with a team of carefully chosen native linguists in different countries  who work with us on regular basis hence providing quality services.

Our team of in-house linguists based in our Kampala Office is sufficient to cater for all Ugandan language needs hence making us a leading organization offering translation services at low rates while maintaining quality  .

Document Translation

We Translate documents from English to any target language spoken in Uganda and beyond. Our organization has a competent team of translators that is committed to delivering the highest quality service to clients in Uganda and beyond. Besides, our translation rates are low compared to other service providers since we are not profit oriented. We mostly provide translation services to non-governmental organizations because we are aware of the vital role they play in society yet they at times do not have enough funding to afford translation services from other service providers who may charge exorbitant amount

Besides Document translation, we offer the following related services in Uganda;

Interpreting Services

We provide all interpreting Solutions for any occasion in Uganda. Our interpreters are experienced in both conference and Simultaneous interpretation. We also have Sign language Interpreters in our pool of interpreters. Our Interpretation services are reliable since all interpreters are professionals in their respective industries. Some of our interpretation Services include; Medical interpretation Services, Court Interpreting Services, Legal interpreting Services, and Conference Interpreting Services.